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With diversity in knowledge and experience, our OHS consultants can assist you with all of your health and safety needs.

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Full Suite of Work Health and Safety (OHS/WHS) Services

The services we provide are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, incorporating the latest Australian standards, evidence-based research, and Health and Safety techniques. Action OHS Consulting offer a variety of principal OHS consulting services to assist your business in building a safer workplace for your workers. If the service you require is not listed on our website, please contact us – it’s likely our network of safety consultants across Australia will be able to help with your specific health and safety requirements. 




Are you eligible to receive free OHS support from our team?

For the last ten years, Action OHS Consulting has been approved by WorkSafe Victoria to deliver the OHS Essentials Program to Victorian SMEs. This program allows for one of our OHS consultants to visit your workplace and help you to identify and manage foreseeable hazards, documenting the outcomes in a practical safety action plan. It’s both free and confidential, so reach out to us today.

If you are interested in participating this program, please register your interest here.



Safety software on desktop
Establish sustainable safety practices with Safety Champion Software

Many organisations find managing health and safety confusing, difficult, or time-consuming. That’s why we created Safety Champion Software. Our OHS software supports our clients to deliver sustainable and effective safety programs, and achieve accreditation against both Australian and ISO standards.

With pre-populated templates, documents, forms and workflows, Safety Champion is a cost effective way for you to meet your moral and legislative safety compliance duties.

If you are looking to embed safety into business as usual, our OHS Software may be the answer you’re looking for.



Your workplace, made safer. Call us today to find out how.    Call 1300 101 647

Action OHS Consulting Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned, professional and client focused Occupational Health and Safety (OHS/WHS) consultancy.

Whether your business wants to comply with your state-based OHS/WHS legislation or move towards a best practice safety model, you can benefit from our support and assistance. Our experienced Health and Safety consultants have expertise across small and large businesses which span a range of industries. Action OHS Consulting pride our work on both value and innovation and want to be the trusted Health and Safety advisor for your business.



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    Health and Safety Audits

    A Health and Safety Audit assists businesses to evaluate how effectively safety is implemented into their operations. Undertaken strategically, a Health and safety audit program will assist a business establish a safe workplace that continues to improve. Our audit methodology identifies the strengths of how a business manages workplace safety, and the opportunities that are available to improve safety performance. Our core Health and Safety audit services include OHSMS/WHSMS Audits (against ISO45001/ISO45003), Health and Safety Director and Officer Due Diligence Audits (Section 27-5, Model Work Health and Safety Act) and the development of Site Specific Self-Assessment Health and Safety Audit Tools. Read more.

    Consulting Services

    Our WHS Consultants pride themselves on their innovative solutions. We want to work with you to provide professional and expert advice to develop custom offerings with you that suit and meet your business’ specific Health and Safety requirements, objectives and targets. Action OHS Consulting’s services include: training and development; onsite/offsite Health and Safety compliance management; technical support including risk assessment and hazard profiling, and; customised IT System Development. No Health and Safety project is too big or too small. Read more.

    Management Systems

    An WHS/OHS MS is the documented OHS/WHS policy and OHS/WHS procedures that define the intentional way that a business creates, manages and monitors a safe workplace, which will ultimately improve their OHS/WHS performance. An effectively implemented OHSMS/WHSMS is fundamental to deliver an organisationally consistent and effective approach to health and safety. Our core service see us work closely with your business to develop an OHSMS/WHSMS that is specific to your business’ needs and that addresses your business’ Health and Safety hazards and risks. Read more.

    Ergonomic Assessments

    Repetitive and prolonged use of an incorrectly setup computer workstation can lead to muscle discomfort, which may result in injury and reduce productivity. As an employer, you have a duty to provide a safe workplace. Our core ergonomic assessment services will provide you with confidence that your workers have their workstation setup safely and understand what good workstation setup looks like. Read more.

    Noise and Dust Monitoring

    Workers who are exposed to excessive workplace noise and dust can incur associated health problems. The legislation outlines Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) for workplace noise and dust hazards that a business must comply with. Our core noise monitoring and dust monitoring services are conducted in line with the appropriate Australian Standards. Monitoring methodologies are developed specific to the Health and Safety needs and Health and Safety objectives of your business. Read more.

    Expert Opinion

    Action OHS Consulting has a team of consultants who provide evidence-based expert opinion concerning causation of workplace or public space incidents and injuries. Our consultants, via their expert opinion will address the statutory obligations of designers, suppliers, manufacturers, builders, and employers through review of safety management systems using their extensive industry experience and training. Read more.



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    Contact the WHS consultants from Action OHS Consulting today to see how we can find the best solution for your health and safety consulting needs.