Empowering Female Talents in Business and Safety Sectors

This year’s International Women’s Day continues the critical conversation about inspiring inclusion and empowering women in various sectors. It’s a theme that’s not just about spotlighting the achievements but also about the systemic changes needed for progress. In this post, we’re looking at the multifaceted approach to support women in business and their safety pursuits, as we must be participatory in lifting the structural barriers that hinder equitable representation and impact.

Opening Pathways: Recruit, Retain, and Develop

Regarding workplace equity, a foundational approach for businesses is in how they recruit, retain, and develop their female talent. Companies making phenomenal strides tend to start by setting recruitment criteria that are neutral and transparent. Implementing processes that hide identifying details at the initial review stages ensures that the focus is purely on qualifications, a great levelling field for all candidates.
“Crucial initiatives for promoting gender equality and inclusion at Action OHS Consulting include our flexible working policy, open feedback program, gender-neutral mentoring, and buddy programs. These efforts create an open and inclusive culture aligned with our values, where we’re truly better together.”
Tim Callinan, General Manager – Action OHS Consulting

Leadership and Decision-Making Roles: Guiding the Future

In safety, representation at all levels is critical for women’s leadership journeys. There must be clear paths for advancement, but more than that, there must be active mentorship and sponsorship for women aspiring to lead. Visibility and recognition of contributions form an integral part of this approach.
This approach is even more crucial in areas such as workplace health and safety, which are often male-dominated. Recognising the unique challenges women in safety positions face and providing tailored support is not just about fairness; it’s about creating environments that produce the best safety outcomes. Programmes that focus on mentorship, support networks, and providing a platform for knowledge sharing can catalyse the success of women in these roles.

Bridging the STEM Divide

In male-dominated sectors like STEM, careers in these fields can feel out of reach for many young girls. Yet, fostering their interests through education and mentorship can change that dynamic completely.
At Action OHS Consulting, we’re proud to say that 68% of our team are women, with many in leadership positions and even more vital to delivering safety outcomes for our clients. We understand the importance of diversity in perspectives and ideas, which is why we actively encourage and support women to pursue careers in traditionally male-dominated fields.
We believe educational initiatives and partnerships with schools that bring STEM subjects into the spotlight for young girls are invaluable. These experiences can shape their academic and career trajectories, opening up paths that previously seemed impassable due to societal stigmas.
In the corporate world, supporting female entrepreneurs is vital for driving growth and innovation. Barriers to finance, mentorship, and networking are challenges faced almost ubiquitously; supports tailored to meet these needs can catalyse female-driven projects. Collaboration between companies and organisations to bolster female entrepreneurship can create a more significant, lasting, and broader support system.

Unleashing Economic Empowerment

Creating economic systems empowering women is a complex challenge but fundamental for broader and sustained progress. It involves removing legislative and cultural barriers and, equally crucial, providing affirmative support.
Equal opportunity is a pursuit that all workplaces should be committed to achieving. This includes promoting women into roles of authority and ensuring pay equity. Access to educational resources and mentorship must be facilitated, providing continual development that meets the pace of economic evolution.
At Action OHS Consulting, we pride ourselves on paying equal wages for equal work and providing equal opportunity. However, for us, support for women’s empowerment goes beyond just pay and opportunity equality. Our culturally embedded People Programs make work and economic participation easier for everyone – including women. Programs like, WFH, Hybrid and remote working policies; Flexible Hours; Profit Sharing; Healthy Lifestyle Allowance; Active Mentorship, the list goes on.
International Women’s Day serves as a global reminder of women’s pivotal role in steering the course of safety and humanity. By fostering supportive environments, removing barriers, and advocating for equal treatment and representation, we build a fairer and safer society that thrives on diverse talent and thought leadership. Today, we unite to celebrate women, but tomorrow, we continue the work of our collective empowerment, for a day of celebration should be the start of every other day wherein we live the change we aspire to see.