Secondments: Your in-house safety support

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, ensuring a safe and secure work environment is paramount. At Action OHS Consulting, we understand that maintaining safety standards can be challenging without expert guidance. That’s why we offer a secondment service, providing your business with invaluable resources to enhance workplace safety.


Understanding secondments


Secondments are a specialised service offered that allows your company to integrate qualified occupational health and safety (OHS) consultants into your team. Whether you require short-term support or ongoing assistance, our experts are here to collaborate with you and guide you through the process.


The benefits to your business


  1. Access to expertise: By engaging our seconded safety consultants, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience in workplace health and safety (WHS). Our experts stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and best practices, ensuring that your business remains compliant and at the forefront of safety standards.
  2. Tailored solutions for your unique challenges: We understand that each business faces distinct safety challenges. Through a comprehensive assessment, our consultants identify your specific needs and create customised safety solutions that align with your organisation’s goals and values.
  3. Project launch excellence: Starting a new project is an exciting venture, but it also comes with inherent risks. With our consultants on board, you can confidently navigate safety protocols, mitigating potential hazards, and ensuring a successful project launch.
  4. Seamless compliance management: Adapting to ever-changing safety regulations can be overwhelming. Our consultants take the guesswork out of compliance by providing clear guidance and proactive strategies, enabling your company to remain compliant effortlessly.
  5. Empowering your workforce: Employees are your most valuable asset, and their safety is of utmost importance. Our secondment service includes tailored safety training sessions, empowering your workforce with the knowledge and skills to maintain a safe work environment.
  6. Addressing persistent safety concerns: If your business faces recurring safety challenges, our consultants excel at investigating root causes and analysis, and implementing effective solutions. Their expertise helps reduce accidents and fosters a safer work culture.
  7. Uninterrupted safety operations: During periods of staff shortages or employee turnover, our seconded consultants step in seamlessly to maintain safety operations, ensuring continuity and safeguarding the wellbeing of your workforce.


At Action OHS Consulting, we believe that safety is a shared responsibility. Through our secondments service, we forge a powerful partnership with your business, working collaboratively to create a proactive safety culture that extends beyond compliance. With our qualified safety experts on-demand, you can be confident in the safety and well-being of your employees, allowing your business to thrive in a secure work environment.


Contact us today to explore how our secondments service can elevate your workplace safety and propel your business toward a safer and more successful future.