Expert Opinion

Action OHS Consulting Expert Opinion Service

It’s unfortunate that accidents and injuries happen. When they do, it is important that you ensure that you have the most reliable expert opinion available.


Action OHS Consulting has a team of ergonomics consultants who provide an evidence-based expert opinion concerning causation of workplace or public space incidents and injuries.

Our ergonomics consultants, via their expert opinion, will address the statutory obligations of designers, suppliers, manufacturers, builders, and employers through review of safety management systems using their extensive industry experience and training.

Our consultants also evaluate the effectiveness of risk management strategies and operational control measures that organisations have used to control workplace risks to prevent injuries. 




Ergonomics and Expert Opinion: What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of designing workplaces, products, and systems of work (including physical, psychosocial and cognitive elements) to better accommodate and support worker or end-user requirements. Good ergonomic design not only results in safer workplaces, but it improves business outcomes by making work easier and improving quality and productivity.


Where we have provided Expert Opinion: Our Specialisation

Action OHS Consulting has consultants who are professional ergonomists who specialise in providing expert opinion for the following matters relating to:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders caused by or aggravated by the workplace. Musculoskeletal disorders can be caused by exposure to a combination of physical and/or psychosocial hazards. Physical hazards include: repetitive or sustained application of force, sustained awkward postures, repetitive movements, high forces, exposure to sustained vibration and manual handling of people. Psychosocial hazards include: job design, job demand, job control, workers’ ability to make decisions, and social supports (managers, peers, colleagues, family, and friends);
  • Injuries sustained in public or private spaces;
  • Injuries sustained through the use of a product;
  • Injuries sustained through motor vehicle accidents.


Our Expert Opinion has been used to Support Litigation

Action OHS Consulting consultants have provided evidence and expert opinion in accordance with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct

In cases which have reached the courts, our ergonomics consultants have provided evidence and expert opinion which has been used successfully in claims for personal injury such as:

  • Work-related (Worker’s Compensation)
  • Vehicle-related (TAC)
  • Public liability, and
  • Product liability matters.


Expert Opinion: Maintaining Currency of Knowledge

To provide you with the confidence that the expert opinion Action OHS Consulting provide is current, and that it will stand up to the closest scrutiny; we would love to provide you with insights as to how our ergonomic consultants can support you. Our consultants who provide expert opinion are routinely engaged by organisations, designers, and architects across Australia to ensure that ergonomic and safety risks are managed appropriately, in addition to providing support to ensure that both legislation and compliance requirements are met.

Next time you need an expert opinion you can trust to be independent and reliable, contact us and we would be more than happy to provide an obligation free preliminary opinion.