safety consultant secondments

Action OHS Consulting can provide you with in-house health and safety consultant secondments, on both a long- and short-term basis depending on your needs. Often businesses find that they need a little more help in the safety space, but it doesn’t quite warrant an FTE (full time equivalent), and they don’t quite need that resource for the long term. That’s where we come in!

Our Safety Consultant Secondments

You may have an amazing safety team in place that needs support, due to a project deadline or busy period. Or perhaps someone from your safety team is taking extended leave. Alternatively, safety may have previously been managed by a “non-safety’ person within your business, and due to growth within the business, or changes in the expectations from clients, the “assigned” person is no longer in a position to manage safety effectively. This is where Action OHS Consulting’s health and safety secondments can come in handy.

We know that for both short-term and part-time engagements, it takes time and can be hard to find just one person with the correct skills and qualifications to support your identified need. We also know there is a cost associated with hiring new staff. 


Regardless of method, recruitment can be expensive for all industries, in terms of time and money, with some suggesting the “real cost” of recruitment can be upwards of 50% of a person’s salary.


It’s why our Secondment Offering was born. 



What are the benefits of secondments?

When you engage Action OHS Consulting, you engage a team of Safety Professionals; not “just one person”, as would occur via “typical” employment engagements.

Whilst it is a given that we will work with you to match you with a consultant in line with your specific goals and needs, if during the secondment, the engagement requires a different set of skills for a period of time, or, our consultant is on leave (yes, even they get 4-weeks/year), then we will have a consultant who can step-in and immediately assist. This means that you don’t have to engage “additional” consulting support, as you may be required to with an “internal” hire. 

This works, because our consultants who support our secondment offerings are part of a structured monthly meeting, which ensures that the knowledge of your business is shared, which allows us to work efficiently with your business. 

Economical: Time and money saved by not having to interview people. In addition, you do not need to worry about leave entitlements, uniforms, equipment purchases or insurances – we cover it all.

Reliable: We skills match consultants with your specific needs.

Flexible: We provide resources to suit your business hours, service requirements and location.

Simple: All of your payroll expenses are included in one invoice.


Our Experience in Secondments

We are here to make it easier to access short-term to long-term, on-site safety support. Our established network of safety consultants have extensive experience across all industries. Action OHS Consulting has supported secondment roles within the following workplace environments:

  • Government & Professional Services
  • Utilities and Waste
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Aged Care
  • Transport and Logistics.

Common offerings include:

  • Full-time over a 3 to 12 month period
  • 2.5 days/week over multiple years
  • 1 day/week over three-months to multiple years
  • 1 day/fortnight over three-months to multiple years
  • 1 day/quarter over multiple years.

What is stopping you from picking up the phone and finding out how we can next support you. Contact us about our safety secondments service today!


We aim to make safety easier and more accessible to all people. So, let's book you in for a free 1/2hr session with one of our experienced Safety Consultants. We can discuss your challenges and provide you with some clear advice for next steps. We look forward to meeting you. *Limited to Australia only.