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Action OHS Consulting health and wellbeing services

Health and wellbeing is the process of supporting and enabling your workers to increase their control over the determinants of their health and wellbeing. With 1 in 5 Australian’s each year experiencing symptoms of a mental illness or episode, Action OHS Consulting will support your business to adopt a holistic approach, which focus’ on both physical and mental wellbeing. 


Our health and wellbeing services

Action OHS Consulting understand that effective and sustainable health and wellbeing programs are:

  • targeted to the organisation’s risks and needs
  • resourced and supported
  • monitored and evaluated, and
  • continuously improved.

What this means is that the initial stage in the process to implement an effective Health and Wellbeing Program, is to conduct a Health and Wellbeing Audit, or “needs” assessment. This activity will assist Action OHS Consulting to source, interpret, assess and evaluate your businesses health and wellbeing data. It will assist us, in collaboration with you, to identify the most effective approach, and establish a strategy that will ensure that your Health and Wellbeing Program has alignment with the needs of your workforce, and is fit-for your businesses purpose. 

The Health and Wellbeing Audit will see Action OHS Consulting provide you with an overview of activities and providers that will bring your Wellbeing Program to life – this may be via an annual, quarterly or monthly program. In addition, programs can be assembled for National Safe Work Month.



What Health and Wellbeing Programs are there?

Health and Wellbeing Programs that Action OHS Consulting provide, include but are not limited to:


  • Mindfulness and Resilience Training and Education. Designed to support you to manage the psychological and mental wellbeing of your workforce, this program covers:
       (i) Introduction to Mindfulness: Calming the mind, and sharpening your internal focus.
       (ii) Neuroplasticity and Habits: The brain, the science and the hard-wiring.
       (iii) The Stress Response: Understanding the amygdala, hijacking and its association with emotions. 
       (iv) Self-care and Resilience Tool: How to outsmart, outwit and outplay the stress response.


  • Health Assessments and Screening. Designed to support you to manage the physical wellbeing of your workforce, the onsite health assessment and screening consultations will assess the physical and metabolic health of your employees. Consultations are scheduled for durations of either 30 minutes of 60 minutes. Screening is conducted to assess individual risk factors for:
    • Type II Diabetes, and
    • Cardiovascular Disease.

Along with a number of other factors such as family history, nutrition, lifestyle, smoking status, alcohol consumption, resting blood pressure, body composition, lipid analysis, blood glucose, hydration, and metabolic age.

Consultations are completely confidential.


To discuss a Health and Wellbeing Program to meet your businesses safety goals and objectives please contact us.