Safety Promotion Materials

safety promotion materials action ohs consulting serviceAction OHS Consulting offers a specialised service to mould your safety program into easily-digestible safety promotion materials that will engage your workers at every level. It is one thing to develop the right policies and procedures for your business, but another to ensure that the details of your safety program reach every single person in your workplace. And this is the critical element of health and safety that many businesses miss.

Safety Promotion Materials Development

Our internal designers will work with the nominated Action OHS Consultant looking after your business to interpret and build useful safety promotion materials in line with your communication needs. This means that you can rest assured knowing that the materials Action OHS Consulting produces for you have been crafted for maximum effectiveness – well-designed, well-written and in accordance with the legislation.

We can design and supply a full range of branded promotional materials to support your safety program, including:

  • Posters
  • Booklets
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Executive-level Reporting
  • Signage
  • Pocket-sized Guidelines
  • Flyers and Brochures
  • Stickers
  • Desk Items – mouse mats, calendars, stress balls… you name it.


Why do I need safety promotion materials?


People learn and absorb information in different ways. For this reason many HR, organisational psychologist, internal communications professionals, and business owners need to be aware that they must communicate their important messages in a variety of ways to ensure that they reach everyone.

For any component of your health and safety program, this might be holding a training session, providing a handy pocket-sized safety guide, or placing posters up on the wall in your tearoom.


This is important to know since as an employer or business owner it is your duty to provide a healthy and safe working environment for your workers – which includes ensuring that your workers know the part they play in health and safety. And the best way to ensure they know, is to communicate and communicate well. So why not get some safety promotion materials produced to help your workers fully understand the ins and outs, and the importance of your safety program.


Other Safety Promotion Materials: Presentations and Events

Our services are not only limited to printed and digital materials. We can also plan and execute promotional presentations and events for your safety program. These can be held on or off site, or even via a webinar platform. All safety promotional events will be tailored to your unique business needs. 


Check out our available training programs – which can be wrapped up into your next health and safety presentation or training day. We believe that “safety” is simply more effective with strong safety promotion materials that will communication your safety messages directly to those that need to know, when they need to know.