Health and Safety Legislation

OHS LegislationOHS legislation sets out the laws about health and safety requirements affecting most workplaces, work activities and specified high risk plant or equipment. It defines the pathway forward to assist workplaces provide a safe working environment. The OHS legislation seeks to protect the health and safety of everyone at a workplace – this includes employees, contractors, visitors or people working in a voluntary capacity. It is State based legislation which means that each state is required to independently manage and administer the compliance of workplaces in their state to the OHS legislation. This administrative role is undertaken by the Regulator.

The role of the Regulator is to exercise unbiased authority and supervision over a workplace, to ensure that the OHS legislation has been implemented into the way that each business manages their operations.

Included in the table blow is a link to the homepage of the OHS Regulator in each State and a link to the OHS Act / WHS Act and OHS Regulation / WHS Regulation for each State.

Links to each States Health and Safety Regulator and Legislation

StateLink to Regulator Link to State ActLink to State Regulation
 ACTWorkSafe ACTWHS Act 2011WHS Regulation 2011
 NSWSafeWork NSWWHS Act 2011WHS Regulation 2011
 NTWorkSafe NTWHS ActWHS Regulations
 QLDWorkplace Health and Safety Queensland WHS Act 2011WHS Regulation 2011
 SASafeWork SAWHS Act 2012WHS Regulations 2012
 TASWorkSafe TasmaniaWHS Act 2012WHS Regulations 2012
 VICWorkSafe VictoriaOHS Act 2004OHS Regulations 2017
 WAWorkSafeOSH Act 1984OSH Regulation 1996
CommonwealthComcareWHS Act 2011WHS Regulations 2011
NationalSafe Work AustraliaN/AN/A

Need support with meeting the requirements of the Health and Safety Legislation?

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